My figures are semi realistically rendered symbolic representations of the contemporary canonic form of feminine.

Through an inherent teen-aged attitude, expressed in forms, swimming peak performances and provocative poses, these figures transcend the boundaries of our human condition by evoking concepts of socially coded modes of emancipation and self-confidence. Nonetheless an aura of impermanence is  impressed in their physical traits: things will happen.

My work reside in an accurate observation of this state of contingency, inevitably intended to the change and  the judgement. My approach to work is minimalist and tended to synthesize elements and forms. I examine the gender based issues in terms of  dichotomies: innocence and erotic, sexual and asexual identities, youth and adulthood, dejection and defiance. The role of voyeurism is also a key word in my artistic’s work.

Working mainly on paper and canvas, focusing on bodies and denying any relationship with the environment, surface is an integral aspect of my compositions and holds a speculative connotation to the subject matter.

My palette is essential : bright primary colors, sensual pastels and ghostly whites reflect my adoration for 18th Century French portraiture, Japanese prints, Belle Epoque advertising posters and the glam of the ’80 Art Deco characterized by the abstract geometric sculpture of the female form.