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Angela Glajcar - Mesmerizing Paper

Angela Glajcar - Mesmerizing Paper

Angela Glajcar

Angela Glajcar , (b.1970), Mainz - Germany

Angela Glajcar is a German artist known for her spectacular installations and sculptures made of suspended reams of paper. Flat or curved, ripped, shredded or intact, she creats delicate tunnels or caves. The glowing sheets are meticulously positioned collectively for cumulative and a mesmerizing impact. Raised in Mainz, Angela Glajcar studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg. Initially, she worked with figurative tutors. Dissatisfied by the masculinist mindset she began to explore a radically new concept of spatial extension with much lighter, more fragile, more malleable materials :  "For me paper is the perfect material to depict emotions spatially" © courtesy Angela Glajcar



Dreamcatcher (an exhibition at the Landesgalerie Niederösterreich in Austria (March 2024):
" My artwork is about the perception of space. Site-specific installation are particularly important to me.This way I can work with the spaces, heal them so that they can be experienced anew.
For me paper is the perfect material to depict emotions spatially"
© Courtesy Angela Glajcar

Dreamcatcher-DSCF8433 Kopiejpg

"My sculptures are grouped in series. The series are related to each other. For the Paperwall series I use the torn out parts of the Terforation serie - the lost material from one series forms the other"
© Courtesy Angela Glajcar


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"Terforation is my most comprehensive series. By tearing the paper interior spaces are created.
Tearing is the purest form of paper processing, the tearing edges expose the interior of the material.Viewers can almost feel it with their eyes"
© Courtesy Angela Glajcar

P-2022-027-TF-W-0-0-0-IMG_4104 Kopiejpg
Angela GlajcarPhoto Credit : © Max Bruckner
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