Fortezza – Fortitude


Original painting by Roberta Pinna.

Mixed media on stretched cotton canvas.

Size :  16x16x1.6 in / 40x40x4 cm


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Fortitude – Fortezza
This series of works is inspired by the four Cardinal Virtues. The virtue of fortitude is commonly called and associated with the concept of courage or bravery. However the virtue Fortitude is always reasoned and reasonable. Those who exercise the Fortitude are willing to put themself in danger if necessary, but they do not seek danger for danger’s sake. The virtue of fortitude has two parts: to attack and to endure.  This virtue allows us to maintain our balance in the face of danger and to avoid cowardice. However this virtue prevent us from rashness or recklessness which may involve, imprudently, some kind of danger. Fortitude always serves a higher purpose.Original acrylic painting is on cotton canvas – unframed.  

Finished painting measures 40×40 cm with a wall projection of 4cm.