Poem VII


Fine Art Giclee canvas print. Professionally hand-stretched.
Finished edges. Unframed.





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About this work:
Poem is a series of works originally created on paper and painted with gouache, pencils and colored pastels. It depicts a series of flying-silhouettes floating  in the sky at the sunset , in different poses. The key element of Poem is  the violet-purple and rarefied  background  in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by particular attention to the sunset and imagery . In this series sunset fades into tranquility and merges harmoniously into a gentle diminuendo or crescendo of the afterglow. This print is offered  in two large-scale size which are perfect as the focal point of your wall. This print is a Fine Art Giclee canvas print , professionally hand-stretched and with finished edges. UNFRAMED.


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