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Her Majesty, Royal Pink

Her Majesty, Royal Pink

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Discover the perfect addition to your art collection with "Her Majesty, Royal Pink" by Roberta Pinna. This one-of-a-kind pop art portrait pays tribute to the strong determination embodied by Queen Elizabeth. Featuring an iconic pink background, this painting is a must-have for any art connoisseur. This new piece from the collection “ Her Majesty” celebrates Queen Elizabeth , a female symbol of stability and strength , known for her unwavering dedication to duty and public service. This collection is inspired by an icon of timeless grace and leadership who continues to inspire generations with her legacy. This piece is painted with mixed media including pure pigments and gouache. Each painting of the series boasts a pastel color palette, inspired by the Queen's personal preferences. The painting comes UNFRAMED on stretched cotton canvas with finished edges. It is signed and numbered on the back.

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